Urusei-Yatsura & wallpaper,picture,DVD,CD,book

Urusei Yatsura - TV Program List

Urusei-Yatsura & wallpaper,picture,DVD,CD,book

Story several
1 The Lum Chan of rumor it is Lum which is!
2 The rain of the petroleum shakes in town
3 The space parcel post. Ten it is arrival!
4 Swallow and penguin
5 The transformation beauty man ray came!
6 The く it is being discovered! I Ro man!
7 From sky of fall Kin Taro!
8 You live powerfully!
9 Amorousness beauty
10 You can be troubled the virus
11 Triangular black hole
12 The coming which is small demon!
13 We fear the lightning shock!
14 Puppet of sense power
15 It does and inserting faces Neptune
16 Chaotic dinosaur age
17 Can sleep the beauty Kurama princess
18 Athletic woman hell!
19 Saintly night of pounding (the first volume)
20 Saintly night of pounding (the second volume)
21 It goes into demagnetization peaceful capital which hits (the first volume)
22 It goes into demagnetization peaceful capital which hits (the second volume)
23 Battle royal
24 The father you were strong
25 Hawaiian swimming wear Thief
26 Full course
27 As for surface hall with trouble!
28 Constellation setting accomplice
29 The Setsubun is large war
30 Sarasvati corps return match
31 Aa private professor!
32 Going/participating view day
33 Four dimensional camera
34 Running
35 Poult celebration! The run it is appearance
36 The Ran Chan it is invitation
37 The tear is done the diary
38 This child skin that?
39 Spring and others and others drowse classroom
40 Flower song battle
41 Decision ! Ataru VS Ataru
42 If it wakes up, nightmare
Feature program " Spring is, start flying! It can star person and others special "

The star person and others all star large charge which can!

Feature program Spring is, start flying! It can star person and others special

Study traveling! The く one run

43 Space corresponding large maneuvers (the first volume)
44 Space corresponding large maneuvers (the second volume)
45 Spring full-blown picnic large disturbance (the first volume)
46 Spring full-blown picnic large disturbance (the second volume)
47 In year muffle furnace carefulness!
48 The Sho the Imo it is!
49 The Ten it is love
50 Sho it is is Dracula
51 The Lum Chan it is boy education lecture
52 Including love from the gardenia,
53 As for beauty girl with rain
54 Returns the my horn!
55 be surprised! library gently!
56 Flower harmony teacher appearance! Don't you think? this is springtime of life
57 It is sad, to come and the ghost person
58 Darling absolute decease!
59 Ray revival! Self study large disturbance!
60 Mysterious human red mantle open !
61 Take the darling! Copy maneuvers!
62 Throbbing summer date
63 Good bye everyday life of the Bye-Bye
64 Panic in typhoon!
65 Drunkard boogie‐woogie
66 Fear
67 You it does to go away, after
68 The Lum it is class meeting
69 Buying those which are eaten the grinding!
70 Shivering! Puzzle of remote region
71 The Kurama princess the challenge which becomes new!
72 Carious tooth WARS of fear!
73 The * surface hall sibling!
74 Don't you think? the cat is in the stairway, it is
75 Favor it can return the raccoon dog?
76 Sub- spacial part-time job of decision
77 The Lum Chan it is sponsorship large forgetting year meeting!
78 useless Musashi winds record
79 Life in class is applied!
80 The married couple it is you eat, or are eaten?
81 Take the queen kiss of the mistake snow!
82 Saintly Saint Valentine's Day of fear
83 Love love catch ball!
84 The surface hall mask probably will hit the meeting
85 Space cold panic!
86 Ryunosuke mediating/helping appearance! Sea favorite!
87 Good bye season
88 The Ran Chan it is the date large maneuvers!
89 Happy birthday. My Darling!
90 You looked at the pink source home village in camp of the hell!
91 As for name of Bridegroom Ryunosuke mediating/helping
92 Mystery of bottle. letter seashore!
93 Violent appearance! Mizunokooji Ton!
94 You endure Cinderella story
95 The Lum Chan it is the reason it is not opposing
96 Large game! Sakura cVs distracted cell!
97 Ghost story!
98 And Lum where everyone stops being!
99 With respect to fire fighter mother going/participating!
100 The darling is death!
101 Seeing ! Mother of loving and roaming!
102 Surface hall house summer Christmas
103 Panic in ghost guest house
104 Mother of suffering
105 Sun full fickleness full
106 Large crash! The ten VS ataru
107 Fear! To Ro Ro attacks!
108 Planetary teacher CAO - vengeance
109 Upset! Seeing child end Taro!
110 Heroical! The fungus pan which puzzle waits!
111 The Lum Chan of anger it is!
112 The ram just it hits, * two night
113 Ready Ryunosuke mediating/helping!
114 Document * mistake friend pulling is who!
115 Mysterious! Selfless strange medicine!
116 The morning of end Taro *
117 Snow end lug feeling story
118 The Lum Chan it is the Japanese old tale
119 Shining! Brassiere of yearning!
120 Decision ! Benten VS Ryunosuke!
121 The Lum Chan it is the fullest capacity!
122 Necessary shooting! Standing eating wars!
123 Large safe! Survival of decision death!
124 (Secret) maneuvers * woman hot water excluding!
125 Infancy period of Sakura *
126 Burning video mail of run
127 Sakura of our springtime of life!
128 Scramble! It recaptures the ram!
129 Dead fighting! The vs surface hall corps which hit!
130 As for the strange dimensional spacial darling which is where!
131 Crash! Queen majesty and lugger man
132 Taste of love of the Ran Chan it is * first kiss tear and
133 Coming * obtaining * * it is, rouge magic
134 Dead fighting! Surface hall house flower seeing death match
135 Run toward Ryunosuke mediating/helping tomorrow the Sarasvati & facing
136 Large fear! The Oyuki you get angry finally!
137 The Ten it is story of strange
138 Demon boundary special! Search the treasure of the surface hall residence!
139 Love and fighting spirit! Duel of glove VS underpants!
140 The Lum it is it becomes the cow!
141 Boldly completion! This is the Lum Chan springtime of life movie
142 Ghost dispersion! Payment of charming figure Sakura!
143 Counterattack of protozoan! As for poolside agitation
144 Again appearance! Hunter Kurama princess
145 The fox you think and love without
146 Ryunosuke mediating/helping baud way! Our child to love and the mother of the stones and rocks!
147 Ghost story! woman dormitory!
148 Pool ghost! Burning in the love which is not permitted!
149 The Ran Chan it is there is no tomorrow in panic friend pulling town
150 Whether the being completed of love it is not and is dense? Chestnut child and Chojuro
151 Person or bird? The luxurious, it is friend of viewing justice!
152 Defeat the senior! Counterattack of knowing three human
153 Burning it hides, art! This road straight line
154 When it dies, the scale it is! Quality straw doll of Ryo child!
155 Corresponding hell! As for armor daughter beauty? Mysterious person?
156 Love of armor daughter! As for maiden heart the shaking,
157 The extent which dies you wanted to meet! The naive fox again!
158 The talkative flower no angular !
159 The Ten it is the son created!
160 The duel which is courage of the ram! As for victory by the dense hand
161 Employment large wish! The coming out patience which returns apply with!
162 Friend pulling high school survival! The fact that it survives is who!
163 Enormous cake of puzzle! Escape panic of love!
164 Demon boundary transmigration! As for the darling thinking of what!
165 Play panic! The Mendo of the surface hall house flower!
166 Spring it is distant the empty! It does to rust, the fairy story of the house!
167 To in dream! Darling contention battle royal
168 Again three human daughters! Darling temptation large maneuvers!
169 The foot warmer cat which it scampers! Anything is warmed with anything
170 Father * naivety of Ryunosuke mediating/helping it does! As for wife in trace!
171 Spring full-blown! With cold of Oyuki ice attaching!
172 Friendship panic! The Ten it is and don't you think? the favorite the globefish and it is
173 The armor daughter who returns! Older brother full
174 Boring syndrome! As for friend pulling town it is not and to makes densemakes dense!
175 The leash it does, the run! First love soy soup of foot warmer cat!
176 Again armor daughter appearance! Calls the storm the date
177 Cell appearance of puzzle! Bell being attached battle royal
178 First love again! It returns to former times or, the ram and the ray!
179 Springtime of life uncle appearance! Large coffeehouse of shining dream!
180 The darling it is easy, we like
181 Again the naive fox! You endure, favorite
182 Favorite sea ! Beach Chaya prosperous description of earnest wish!
183 Ryunosuke mediating/helping VS Sarasvati! It is vain, it comes, amorousness large duel
184 Small bottle of magic! Inside the Lum which how becomes!
185 Large demon human present ! Furthermore danger of ram shopping!
186 Serious! Word does not lead to the darling!
187 Summer of nightmare! The Ten it is the serious maneuvers!
188 Visit panic! Lum which is not malice
189 We fear! Lum where the rammer is in the end Taro's head!
190 Aggressor from outer space! The leash う it does, the lip of the ram!
191 Space survival! The fact that you eat is the person and others
192 Lum which is exciting! Overhead cooler of fear!
193 Attack of love! Romantic does not stop!
194 The rust, appearance! You are troubled to the mother of the fire fighter,!
195 Happy tout! The bird where the focus end is blue!
196 Large disturbance! When Ryunosuke mediating/helping for the first time wears the swimming wear,!
197 We want the bride! Large venture of love of fox!
198 Persistant! Animal large maneuvers of three human daughters!
199 Fish handle green! Beach Chaya bad trading
200 In star request! As for family which hits desire panic
201 Oral attaching house emergency flight! Darling jealous !
202 As for liquor frightening! Payment large failure
203 Weird! Distracted cell yoga school!
204 Good-bye hot spring teacher! Farewell marathon conference
205 Pure love Sakura! Slippery the soap of the separation!
206 Your Asuka VS older brother! Lum which fighting of a certain love is and is!
207 Darling large misfortune! Four dimensional seeing lottery of fear!
208 The New Year panic! Between the surface hall family around it does く conference
209 The Ten which you dream it is! In ending of rainbow large venture!
210 Date would like to do! It hits test large maneuvers
211 The darling we like inside
212 Home visit of decision death! Teacher occupation life per seat!
213 Chaos! The Ran Chan it is the enormous doll!
214 Love one muscle! Life the naive fox which is applied!
215 Coming quickly, the darling! Dangerous proposal of marriage
216 The Ran which does not accumulate! Ill-tempered large maneuvers
217 Special immediately before the dividing! Decision shining!

The star grand prix which can! " You it does to go away, after "

218 (Last time)

All star large feast! Inside and others Lum which is immortal!


Urusei-Yatsura & wallpaper,picture,DVD,CD,book

Urusei-Yatsura & wallpaper,picture,DVD,CD,book

Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura - TV- list