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Urusei YAtsura・Main characters

Urusei-Yatsura & wallpaper,picture,DVD,CD,book



Protagonist. The 2nd grade where it commutes to friend pulling high school. Unhappy person of outer space one. It becomes to begin war in a way, ogre family Lum and tag of outer space from contingent thing. He who wins the tag of the Lum sweetheart Miyake endures proposes engagement, but the Lum being misunderstood, his own engagement it can crash in the house, can unfold the strange life two from there. With setting of beginning " the worst unhappy person in history and the owner of devil's luck " was, but direction it was converted to the setting, extreme fickle characteristic from the middle partly due to the fact that it reaches the limits to news item. It has the super human physical strength and destructive conduct power, but the root is the good man. It escapes from the Lum always and turns, but to tell the truth you have fallen in love to also the Lum securely. As for specialty serious naked sword taking.



The ogre star (the Lum star) from it came, the girl of the extraterrestrial of ogre family.
When it hits, it is defeated to tag, it hits becomes the engagement partner from misunderstanding of this person. Hits the thinking for is wholehearted, but
Umbrella cord character ruins, causes disturbance often.
Hits thing calls " the darling ". With the super power of sky floating and electric shock,
You are fickle, in view of the fact sanction is given. Harshly being to be the race of the party, cooking which she made is harsh fiercely.
It is famous even excessively " to attach to tiger stripe bikini look and last portion.


Miyake Shinobu

It hits the woman of the classmate and the sweetheart high raw. It disagrees with the Lum it hits on centering, but
Eventually it to reach the point where thinking is moved aside to the Mendo because it hits gradually, it keeps leaving.
But at the story latter half it kept it reaching the point where love you yearn in the destiny production Bureau of Administrative Services Inaba.
Usually, it is meek, but when you get angry, outrageous marvelous strength is shown.


Mendo SyuTaro

Mighty financial power and the son of the Mendo financial group which has military power. It hits for social study you are transferred to the friend pulling high school which it commutes.
It is figure grace and the bright person, but as for character when it hits, the same level.
Because of that, always it hits we have made the enemy of the eye, you intend probably cutting with the proud love sword once upon a time.
You fall in love to the Lum, once upon a time you have dreamed of that is by your.
The black glasses corps are attended in the subordinate. You have raised important with the Lummer which is the house crest of the Mendo house as a pet.
it is from there secret skill.


Mendo Ryoko

Younger sister of Mendo. Older brother similar and it is the figure graceful, but the girl who does not understand whether of what is thought.
Making end Taro of the older brother be troubled approaches with hobby, it hits of making use,
Disturbance is caused often. In the subordinate, the black child corps of absolute obedience are attended in the Ryoko.


Megane (Satosi)

It hits the classmate. Sort of nickname the glasses are used.
It becomes the feverish fan of the Lum, becomes self Lum bodyguards highest cancus chairman.
In any case, the maniac who like to arrange lazily long reason and to raise the person.
When it hits, the chord it is at the time of the り which is the time it is hostile. Likes the beef bowl and it stands and eats and side.
Furthermore this character animation edition is original. With the original it had appeared in first stage as a supporting actor.



It hits the classmate. One person of Lum bodyguards.
Sort of nickname you apply the perm . To tell the truth she is. Anime original character.


Tibi (Akira)

It hits the classmate. One person of Lum bodyguards. Sort of nickname being small-statured, the air being weak, it cries, the insect.
There is an air of the Ro recon. Anime original character.


Kakugari (Hiroyuki)

It hits the classmate. One person of Lum bodyguards. Sort of nickname in square-cut large pattern.
In this member the shadow is thinnest. It has been similar to the hot spring mark of charge.
Anime original character. With the original it had appeared in first stage as a supporting actor.


Shiroi Kosuke (with animation it does not appear)

It hits the classmate. Hits the chord is with trick is done always.
With animation the supporting actor who is replaced in the perm.


Fujinami Ryunosuke

It hits the classmate. It is the woman, but in the father of the eccentric who manages beach Chaya because you raise as the man,
Conduct the man is rough. But, consciousness as a woman being certain, dislikes the fact that it is thought as the man.
It hits sure enough you to approach, you have been perplexed.
Being pure, it is conscientious character, but a little there is an eccentric place.
In order to make the fund of the father and beach Chaya reconstruction, it has lived in in the stand of friend pulling high school, but
Always you have quarrelled with the father. In association " favorite policy as for sea " of father, insistence of writer himself.



Childhood friend of Lum. The Lolita fashion lovelily it is the appearance which seems, but
To tell the truth when with split personality, you get angry, you talk with the accent is effective.
We will have grudge in the Lum, will review doing you did in the earth.
The partner it is young mouth to mouth, it hits it tries it will inhale to trap with the ability to take. Thinking is moved aside to the ray.



Childhood friend of Lum. It is the Neptune queen to a snow woman of the extraterrestrial.
It is the thing quiet, but being coldhearted, we fear the character.
According to formula, causing the snowstorm, it makes the person and the thing freeze. It was with the Lum, the Sarasvati and three people.



Childhood friend of Lum.
When as in name with the one person valve commodity heaven of seven luck God, it is time of paragraph amount, ogre family and the battle which include the Lum are done.
Manhood with character, the red air motorcycle was hacked, the snow, with the Lum turn was feared the beam.
The run and relations are bad.



Original fiancee of Lum. The extent which beats the Mendo it is handsome, but
The り which has become the enormous cow ogre it does.
With the bottomless glutton, only one word you can talk the word of the earth.



Cousin of Lum. Alias Jyariten.
Permission of the mother of the busy fire fighter it leaves being the one person, in the star houses where the Lum is it lives and arrives.
Still being to be the young child, it cannot fly well, but, it spits the intense flame from the mouth.
You behave lovelily in the woman. Hits with usual quarrel is done. Why you talk with the Kansai valve.


Sakuranbo (cherry)

Pilgrimage monk. Hits the unhappiness which befalls was predicted.
With destructive super power, to there is no either business boiling from occasionally the strange place, it comes out.
Eating nature is bad, is served on the table of the occasionally star houses and is packed and consumes the meal.
Stretching the tent on the vacant land, you have lived.



With niece of distracted cell shrine maiden. Also hygienic medicine of friend pulling high school has done.
It was sickly, but after it hits moving evil spirit, in the healthy body.
It is the serious beauty, not to be similar to the uncle, but the glutton who does not take pulling in the uncle.
The habit proportion does not deteriorate wonder.




Mizunokooji Tobimaro

Mendo financial group in the same way it quarrelled with Mendo financial group with mighty financial power and military power.
The Japanese sport industry time of cow ear る Mizunokooji financial group this it is main, but the motion.
It is the baseball lover, but it is unskillful. The metamorphosis which instead, one balls swallows lightly? So it is.
Mendo end Taro the rival apparent is done once.



Mizunokooji Asuka

Younger sister of Mizunokooji Tobimaro. After with rule of the Mizunokooji house, being born, until it is 15 years,
It included the father * older brother and because contact with the man has been prohibited, it thought only the woman it is in this world.
Wearing the shell Helmet in order to hide natural shape, partly due to the fact that it lives, thinness the super human physical strength,
It has power. After Ataru the shell Helmet crossing over being able to look at the bare face, it became the extreme man phobia.
Is, but just the Tobimaro of the older brother yearns, the man and the older brother think it is another creature.
With the reconciliation of the Mendo house and the Mizunokooji house,
It tries the parent of both houses will have Mendo end Taro and celebration word lift, but
The man phobia does not heal and becomes cancellation.



The doorknob of the world of dream is made, the destiny production Bureau of Administrative Services human.
The ぬ of the rabbit it is and involving has worn. With this work final period well enough it has become important part.


OnsenMark(Hot spring mark)

It hits the charge of friend pulling high school 2 year 4 set which it commutes. As for advisor English.
It hits, always the head is held the way of badness of the pupil.


Flower harmony teacher

Teacher of friend pulling high school. It hits also it has been charge of class. You talk springtime of life ill-smelling the favorite.


Kotatuneko(Foot warmer cat)

Him (her?) The Edo era, it cannot have inserting in the house of everywhere because it is the alley cat freezes to death,


Urusei-Yatsura & wallpaper,picture,DVD,CD,book


Urusei-Yatsura & wallpaper,picture,DVD,CD,book

Urusei Yatsura

Main characters